WELCOME to Bar10n.

  • Before you know the game you have to know what you need to know on this site.

  •  It is very simple to learn the game without worrying about those who do not want to read.

  • Everyone can learn and have fun with the Bar10n game. 7 to 70 Everyone

  • Bar10n also helps people of all ages to gain special thinking discipline.

  • It is good for solving problems such as forgetfulness and carelessness.

  • Over time you will not be able to give up the game.

  • Application (Bar10n) calculates points for you.

  • You come on and select three cards and press the calculation button.

  • Develop new strategies that can be learned by specializing in the point system over time.

  • Don't wait, Bar10n is FREE so everyone can play now.

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For Those Who Want To Start Now Bar10n Information


Yes everyone can play bar10n and all ages, according to his experience in the development of thinking skills can develop and enjoy.

How do we discover the game that comes hidden in the mystery of this game.

After downloading the game for free from the Google Play Store, you will see the game's main screen at the top.

Press the start button immediately and the main screen with playing cards will appear.

To play here to do what you have to do by clicking on the 3 card by selecting the calculation button yes the rest of the application is doing for you.

You have information about the scoring system of your cards and determine the strategy to win the hand.

For those of you who don't fear, I'll give you a start.

Make sure that the three cards you have selected are the same, and if you get 10 or three of the same type cards, you can only get that in the beginning.


You can learn more from the menus, site and videos in the application.

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