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It is very easy to learn Find 12X 4P, one of the new special mathematical games of Bar10n game.

If the total of 2 or 3 cards selected is 12, it is preferable to know that the total points of these cards are special and have bonus and develop a strategy accordingly.

If the sum of 2 or 3 of the cards chosen to be played is 12, 2 or 3 cards that make the total 12 are multiplied together and 10 times the number of output is calculated and written on the score table.

Example: For cards of the same color with a total of 12, the card numbered 3 and 9 makes 3 * 9 * 10 = 270 points, while the card that makes 1, 3, and 8 total 12 makes 1 * 3 * 8 * 10 = 240. Similarly, cards with numbers 5 and 7 are 5 * 7 * 10 = 350, while 2 and 3 are, and 7 is 2 * 3 * 7 * 10 = 420.

Bar10n Find12X 4P game is a 4 player game of Find12X with similar rules.

The number of cards is twice 108. And 4 players are dealt 17 cards each. Like the rules of the find12x game for 2 players, the player who finds 12 wins 10 times the multiplication of the points of the 3 cards he chooses.

Another rule to be aware of is that the wildcard has 10 points in this game and it scores 120 points as it completes 12 with all numbers except 100. It is valid for 4 genera.

One of the different rules is the additional points that 4 people get according to their rank when they earn their hand points.

Over 8 hands, he gets 1.600P, 2.400P, 3.200P, 4. 0P. Points for the 9th place are doubled according to rank Players write twice their final hand points on the scoreboard.

The main rule of collecting the same sex applies here as well.

Joker is the same as for 2 people, other rules are the same.

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