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Ranking and Rating in Bar10n

The value and scoring of the cards in Bar10n is slightly different from the traditional game. The highest score of the cards below the score table is 10, but the smallest is 1.

Value:  10   ,      Bonus(Sum10)   ,King,  Queen,   Jack, Joker

Point: 100P,        50P                  , 40P     30P    ,20P   ,10P

Value:   9     ,8     ,7     ,6     ,5     ,4     ,3     ,2     ,1

Point:    9P  ,8P   ,7P  ,6P   ,5P   ,4P  ,3P   ,2P   ,1P

Ranking and Scoring in Bar10n

The game is also made according to the value of the big skin (regardless of the type of paper). Below is the largest 10 and the smallest 1.

Value10   ,      Bonus(Top10)   ,King ,Queen ,Jack ,Joker

Point: 100P,            50P                  ,40P     ,30P    ,20P      ,10P

Value:   9     ,8     ,7     ,6     ,    ,   ,3     ,2     ,1

Point:    9P  ,8P   ,7P  ,6P   ,5P   ,4P  ,3P   ,2P   ,1P

NOTE: The bonus is the sum of the total number of 10 or 2 or 3 hands of the same type of paper. Bonuses are below and the rules of paper types are the same. Each bonus is a total of 50P.

Bonus: (1,9),(2,8),(3,7),(4,6)   and  (1,2,7),(1,3,6),(1,4,5),(2,3,5)

Note : In addition, the joker forms a bonus with the exception of Bar10n in pairs without the difference of breed. And the wildcard bonus is 50P. But two jokers hands 50P (bonus) + 10P (other Joker) total is always 60 points. Two wildcards and Bar10n always 100P + 50P (2 Jokers) total = 150P. The highest score is 170 P for the same genus (10, King and Queen).


1. Bar10n game is played with a total of 54 playing cards, 2 of which are wild cards.

2. The Bar10n game can be played with 2,3 or 4 players and the first version is designed for 2 people. In addition, the game is able to play both closed and open.

3.  The Bar10n game consists of hands. It consists of 9 hands based on the number of 2 players.

4.  The Bar10n game has a new vision for playing cards and the ranking system and the scoring system are built according to the logic of the game.

5.  In Bar10n, each player is dealt 17 cards each.

6.  The player strategically raises 3 cards that each hand will get the highest score from each other in accordance with the matched score system, the papers are evaluated and the hand points with the high score. Only the score of the paper is written to the loser.

7.  At the end of each hand 3 cards are left out of the game. And one paper from the remaining deck is distributed.

8.  When the paper runs out, 6 paper remains in the deck. And these papers are distributed in 3 'each. And the player who gets the highest score in the last hand adds the score of 3 times as much as the value of the cards.

9. And with a total score of 9, the player wins the game.

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